Robert Beckett Lilien

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Age 33 years
  • Address 1503 20th St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


Person Details

Robert is thirty-three years old, and their date of birth is 06.01.90.


Mr. Lilien's dwelling is at 1503 20th St, Boulder, CO 80302. The latitude and longitude for the address are 40.013875 and -105.269279. Here are the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates for the address: 477019.06360288 (easting), 4429331.9325705 (northing), 13T (zone). The fair rent data provided by the HUD indicates that a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood costs $1,970. Boulder is where this person resides. The cost of two bedroom rentals in Boulder comes to $1,724.

Possible Connections

The address is used by several individuals, including Emily Anderson, Elizabeth Chapin, Mr. Flores. There are people with the same name, Robert Beckett Lilien, living in Colorado, California, Illinois, Florida.

Neighbors at 1944 Arapahoe Ave 1

Neighbors at 1914 Arapahoe Ave 1


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