How It Works

Simple Contacts lets you renew your contact lens prescription from anywhere with our online vision test and delivery service. Here's how to take the redness test.

Here's how to take the vision test. Once you've completed both tests, a doctor will review the results within 24 hours and renew your prescription so you can get your lenses right away.

What to Expect

Take vision test at home

Start by taking the vision test on our app or website – it's quick, easy and designed by our doctors! Then order your lens brand.

Our doctor writes a new Rx

Within 24 hours, a licensed ophthalmologist will carefully review your test to make sure your prescribed contacts are still right for you.

Your lenses delivered fast!

Then we'll ship your brand of lenses in bulk. Standard shipping is free, with expedited options available for faster delivery.

Your Brand, Shipped Free

With just about every popular lens brand available at discounts and free standard shipping, this is the simplest way to get contacts.
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