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The convenience of renewing my contact lens prescription from my phone easily saved me half a day!
5 star review
Love you guys! Saved me from another $150 visit to my doc. My prescription hasn't changed in years!
5 star review
It was so simple and easy! I have 3 boys and don't always have time to get a sitter to go to the doctor. Simple Contacts saved time, and money, both of which aren't always in full supply.
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Love the offering, the price, and the customer service. Beats the pants off putting your pants on and going to the doctor.
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Very responsive customer service, fast and prompt review by the doctors. Very happy with this company and will continue to order contacts through them!
5 star review
This was amazingly quick and convenient! I was having a hard time finding time in my schedule to get my prescription renewed, and this was a lifesaver!
5 star review
Excellent in every single aspect from ordering, to ease of exam, to quick responses, to helping me out on my previous order when I made a mistake.
5 star review
It is so rare that I am delighted by customer service but I highly recommend Simple Contacts! Great for those of us with terrible visions that wear contacts religiously and prefer to leverage digital health.