Matthew Stephen Schaeffer

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Age 39 years
  • Address 240 Manhattan Dr, Boulder, CO 80303, USA


Person Details

Schaeffer is 39 and their birth date is 1-06-85.


Matthew Stephen Schaeffer is a resident of the address 240 Manhattan Dr, Boulder, CO 80303. The address is situated at 39.991999 latitude, -105.228714 longitude on the map. The UTM coordinates that will help you locate the address are: 480474.75416786 (easting), 4426894.2324154 (northing), 13S (zone). This individual is a member of the Keewayden neighborhood. Based on the fair rent data sourced from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it will cost $1,800 to rent a 2BR apt in this neighborhood. This person calls Boulder their home. You'll need to pay $1,724 to rent two bedrooms in Boulder.

Possible Connections

This address is home to several people, including Ariel Lev Goldstein, Benjamin Barak Goldstein, Elianna J Goldstein. Individuals with the name Matthew Stephen Schaeffer call Colorado, Nebraska, Utah home.


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