Laura L Brown

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Phone 3035466323
  • Address 2916 Glenwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80301, USA



Laura Brown is a tenant or home owner at 2916 Glenwood Drive Boulder. The location of the address can be found at 40.0324669 latitude and -105.255277 longitude. The address can be located using these UTM coordinates: 478219.9429828 (easting), 4431391.9463317 (northing), 13T (zone). Laura L Brown is a local of the Glenwood Grove - North Iris region. According to the fair rent data provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it will cost $1,880 to rent a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. This person lives in the county of Boulder. Two bedroom rentals in Boulder are priced at $1,724.


3035466323 is the number to reach out to Laura L Brown. The phone number is designated as a Landline number. This phone number is serviced via Qwest Corporation. The rate center for this telephone number is in Denver. The phone's provider has been assigned the OSN code 9636 to identify it uniquely. The standard way to format this phone number internationally is +1 (303) 546-6323.

Possible Connections

Ms. Buchanan, Lorraine Depietro, Damion Fremin are among the inhabitants of the shared address. It seems that Ms. Corning may be the individual who holds the +1 (303) 546-6323 number, based on public records. The name Laura L Brown is shared by some people living in Colorado.

Phone 1

+1 (303) 546-6323
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline

Extra 3

  • Title Chief Executive
  • Organization Outlaw Technologies
  • Specialties Title Abstract Offices

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