John P Kiker

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Birthday Date November 25, 1946 (77 years)
  • Phone 3039975935
  • Address 190 Manhattan Dr, Boulder, CO 80303, USA


Person Details

John Kiker is seventy-seven years old and they were born on November 25th, 1946.


This individual's domicile is situated at 190 Manhattan Drive Boulder. This individual is the owner of the house located at this address. The coordinates 39.99066 latitude and -105.228233 longitude give the location of the address. The address can be located at the following Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates: 480515.43656936 (easting), 4426745.5112928 (northing), 13S (zone). John P Kiker is a resident of the Keewayden region. Fair rent data from the HUD shows that the cost of a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood is $1,800. Boulder is the location of this person's residence. The price for two bedroom apartment rentals in Boulder is $1,724.


If you need to reach Mr. Kiker, you can use either of these phone numbers: 303-4998-287 and 303-9975-935. Details and information about +1 (303) 499-8287. The phone number is classified as Landline. The service for this phone number is provided by Qwest Corporation. This number is linked to a rate center in Denver. The phone's provider has been given the Operating Company Number code 9636 to identify it among other providers. To write this phone number in the universal format, use +1 (303) 997-5935.


John P Kiker is the named owner of parcel number 157704404008. The name recorded as the owner of parcel 157704404008 was "KIKER JOHN P & MARY S".

Possible Connections

Public records suggest to us that Ms. Kiker, Suzanne Marie Kiker are also living at this address. The person listed as the owner of 303-4998-287 may not be the true owner of the number and the number belongs toJeffrey Allen Kiker and Mary Kiker. There are multiple individuals with the name John P Kiker who live in Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas.

Phones 2

+1 (303) 499-8287
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 997-5935
  • Mobile operator Pac West Telecomm, Inc
  • Type Landline

Connected Parcel 1

Parcel ID: 157704404008

  • Address190 MANHATTAN DR, BOULDER, CO 80303
  • Owner NameKiker John P & Mary S


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