Jeff Holland

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Phone 3038862510
  • Address 1310 College Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, USA



Jeff's house is situated at 1310 College Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. The location can be found at 40.007136 latitude and -105.2759419 longitude on the map. To locate the address, use the following Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates: 476448.11844059 (easting), 4428585.7061858 (northing), 13T (zone). This individual is a dweller of the Central Boulder locality. A two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood will cost $1,970 to rent, based on the fair rent data from the US United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This person calls Boulder their home. The price for two bedroom rentals in Boulder is currently $1,724.


Jeff's contact number is 1-303-886-25-10. The Cell type of phone numbers includes this phone number. New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC is the carrier for this phone number. The rate center for this telephone number is situated in Denver. The phone's provider has been given the OSN code 6010 to identify it exclusively. The accepted way to format this phone number internationally is +1 (303) 886-2510.

Possible Connections

Someone else lives at the same address — Alex Luttrell. It is alleged that Ms. Gifford and John K Coyle possess 303-8862-510. The name Jeff Holland is not unique among people living in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico.

Phone 1

+1 (303) 886-2510
  • Mobile operator New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC
  • Type Cell

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