Gretchen G King

Boulder, Colorado
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General information

  • Birthday Date February 28, 1934 (90 years)
  • Phone 3034480897
  • Address 415 College Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


Person Details

King is ninety years old, and their dob is 1934-02-28.


Gretchen lives in a house at 415 College Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. This individual's residence is at this address. The address is situated at coordinates 40.008742 latitude and -105.290976 longitude. To locate the address, use the following UTM coordinates: 475165.52500158 (easting), 4428768.0383373 (northing), 13T (zone). Gretchen lives in the Central Boulder neighborhood. The fair rent data provided by the HUD indicates that it will cost $1,970 to rent a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. Boulder is the home of this individual. The price of two bedroom rentals in Boulder is $1,724.


Two phone numbers for King are 1-303-442-06-86 or 303-4480-897. A few facts about +1 (303) 442-0686. The phone number falls into the Landline category. This phone number is serviced by Qwest Corporation telecom company. This phone number is connected to a rate center in Denver. 9636 is the OSN code for the phone's provider. The global format for this phone number is +1 (303) 448-0897.


146136142007 is listed as belonging to this individual. The name on the property ownership documents for the parcel 146136142007 was "KING GRETCHEN G".

Possible Connections

Neil C King is one of the residents at this address. It is alleged that Neil C King and Mr. Peterson own 3034420686. Individuals named Gretchen G King are residents of Colorado.

Phones 2

+1 (303) 442-0686
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 448-0897

Extra 2

  • Occupation Clerical/white Collar
  • Education Associate Degree

Connected Parcel 1

Parcel ID: 146136142007

  • Address415 COLLEGE AVE, BOULDER, CO 80302
  • Owner NameKing Gretchen G


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