FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends

$70 per box
FreshLook Colorblends
$70 per box
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Any wearer knows, contact lenses are not just about vision but about style. FreshLook Colorblends not only let you leave your eyeglasses at home but offers twelve color options to accommodate you no matter your natural eye color. For those with dark eyes, FreshLook recommends a subdued color change with these lens colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Pure Hazel, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Brown. For something more striking, try Honey, True Sapphire, Sterling Gray, Gemstone Green, or Brilliant Blue. For those with light eyes, most of the lens colors should work, but FreshLook especially suggests: Sea Green, Pacific Blue, and Caribbean Aqua. 3-in-1 Color Technology – FreshLook Colorblends offers more than a ring of dye. Each lens has three distinct rings of color. The coloring agent merges with the very material of the lens, not sitting on the surface. This prevents any possible irritation or wear on the color. Even better, the inner and outer rings provide contrast with the primary color, make your eyes pop. FreshLook Colorblends are a 1-2 weekly disposable lens. The lens quality allows it to last an entire week, assuming proper nightly care, without loss of safety or comfort. Weekly wear lenses strike a balance between daily and monthly wear. FreshLook will be more cost effective than daily lenses that you dispose of nightly, but you don’t have to wait an entire month to switch to a fresh lens. The unwary consumer will pay around $75 a box of six lenses. At Simple Contacts, we can do better. Not only does Simple Contacts offer competitive prices on all its lenses, but new customers can get a 20% discount. No hassle of mail-in rebates. Shipping is easy and free.

Additional Information

Type of Lens

1-2 week disposable colored contact lenses.

Package Details

6 colored lenses immersed in isotonic borate solution.


45% polymer (phemfilcon).


Alcon - Ciba Vision

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do FreshLook Colorblends contacts cost?
Prices start at $70 for a 6 pack of FreshLook Colorblends. Standard shipping is always free. There are no hidden fees, but taxes may apply.
How long can I wear FreshLook Colorblends contacts?
According to Alcon, FreshLook Colorblends contacts can be worn for 14 days before they must be replaced.
Can you sleep in FreshLook Colorblends contacts?
No, FreshLook Colorblends contacts are not intended for overnight wear. Sleeping in contacts is never recommended, as it drastically increases chances of infection or other complications.
Can I use my vision insurance benefits to pay for contacts? Can I use my FSA or HSA?
Yes, and yes. We are accepted by most insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. You can also use your HSA or FSA card on Simple Contacts purchases.