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Tell us about yourself and test your vision — from anywhere.
A Doctor Reviews
A doctor examines your vision, and decides to issue a prescription.
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5 star review
The convenience of renewing my contact lens prescription from my phone easily saved me half a day!
5 star review
Love you guys! Saved me from another $150 visit to my doc. My prescription hasn't changed in years!
5 star review
It was so simple and easy! I have 3 boys and don't always have time to get a sitter to go to the doctor. Simple Contacts saved time, and money, both of which aren't always in full supply.
5 star review
Love the offering, the price, and the customer service. Beats the pants off putting your pants on and going to the doctor.
5 star review
Very responsive customer service, fast and prompt review by the doctors. Very happy with this company and will continue to order contacts through them!
5 star review
This was amazingly quick and convenient! I was having a hard time finding time in my schedule to get my prescription renewed, and this was a lifesaver!
5 star review
Excellent in every single aspect from ordering, to ease of exam, to quick responses, to helping me out on my previous order when I made a mistake.
5 star review
It is so rare that I am delighted by customer service but I highly recommend Simple Contacts! Great for those of us with terrible visions that wear contacts religiously and prefer to leverage digital health.

Get the same contact lenses you love.

With Simple Contacts, you can renew your expired prescription as long as you meet our requirements and pass our test. We carry all major brands in all prescriptions.

No prescription?

No problem.

We created a vision test that works right from your phone to renew your prescription. So you never have to run out because you’re avoiding, or simply can’t afford, to get to the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this if I've never worn contact lenses?

No. Our test is solely for people who have previously worn contacts and have previously been fitted in-person by a doctor.

Can I renew my glasses prescription?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our doctors can only renew an expired contact lens prescription.

What if my vision in my current contacts is blurry?

If your current contacts prescription is not sufficient for vision correction, you will need an in-person examination with a licensed eye doctor. Our doctors will only renew a prescription if your vision is clear in your current lenses.

What if I'm completely out of contacts?

Unfortunately, if you no longer have any contact lenses in which to take the test, we will not be able to renew your prescription. We recommend seeing an eye doctor in-person.

What if my prescription is expired?

We've designed our test for this exact scenario! You can use our service to renew your recently expired prescription.

Expired prescription?

Skip the office visit, and see one of our doctors instead. Our nationwide network of doctors is standing by to review your test, and to get you the lenses that you love.