Melissa L Aycock

Boulder, Colorado
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Ms. Aycock is 47 and their date of birth is 12.31.75. Other names that this person is known as include Melissa Aycoca, Melissa Aycock, Melissa Laycock, Melissa L Aycock.


This person's home is situated at 2990 Glenwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80301. The GPS coordinates for the address are 40.032437 latitude and -105.2540609 longitude. If you want to locate the address, use these UTM/Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates: 478323.69044721 (easting), 4431388.3310569 (northing), 13T (zone). Melissa lives in the Glenwood Grove - North Iris area. Based on fair rent data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it will cost $1,880 to rent a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. This person calls Boulder home. Two bedroom rentals in Boulder are priced at $1,724.


This individual has a group of 6 phone numbers, 303-4489-836 and 3038859642 being two of them. Information and details about 1-303-448-98-36. The type of this phone number is Landline. This phone number is serviced via Qwest Corporation. This phone number's rate center is situated in Denver. The phone's provider has been given the Operating Company Number code 9636 to identify it among other providers. The accepted international format for this phone number is +1 (619) 559-1547. Aycock can utilize four email addresses. You'll find the email addresses [email protected], [email protected], melissaay[email protected] included on this list. More details are provided below.

Previous Locations

Melissa has a history of moving around, with ten former addresses. The following locations are included in this individual's residential history: 11 Claremont Ave, Orinda, CA 94563, 5915 Boyd Rd, Texarkana and 801 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA 94710.

Possible Connections

The address is home to several occupants, including Ms. Clymore, George P Ehrsam, Mr. Swanson. Public records show that Melissa L Aycock and Misty T Aycock from Anderson are connected. Our records indicate that Melissa Aycock may be the individual associated with the 1-303-448-98-36 number. There are four phone numbers on record that are connected to 8 individuals, with Amy K Dunbar from Lafayette and Amy K Dunbar among them, per public records. Check below for additional details on other numbers that may be related to Melissa. Jill Hirschi (in 1997), Chin H Graham (in 1997), and Aycock lived at the same address, 2900 Aurora Ave, Boulder, CO 80303. Other people who may have knowledge of Melissa include those listed below. You can find Melissa L Aycock namesakes in Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Missouri.

Previous Addresses 10

11 Claremont Ave, Orinda, CA 94563

Lived here at 2006 2 years 2 months

5915 Boyd Rd, Texarkana, AR 71854

Lived here at 2004 2 years 2 months

801 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Lived here at 2004 2 years 2 months

4926 S Prince Ct #203, Littleton, CO 80123

Lived here at 2004 2 years 2 months

7405 Charmant Dr #2107, San Diego, CA 92122

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

7405 Charmant Dr #2303, San Diego, CA 92122

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

4854 Del Mar Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

6175 Habitat Dr #2076, Boulder, CO 80301

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

1112 Columbine Ct #23, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

261 Pheasant Run, Louisville, CO 80027

Lived here at 2003 2 years 2 months

Phones 6

+1 (303) 448-9836
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 885-9642
  • Mobile operator New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC
  • Type Cell
+1 (330) 958-4063
  • Mobile operator Cellco Partnership
  • Type Cell
+1 (512) 473-2869
  • Mobile operator Southwestern Bell
  • Type Landline
+1 (513) 505-0851
  • Mobile operator Cellco Partnership
  • Type Cell
+1 (513) 871-8804
  • Mobile operator Cincinnati Bell, Inc
  • Type Landline


  • Melissa Aycoca
  • Melissa Aycock
  • Melissa Laycock
  • Melissa L Aycock

Lived Together at 210 W 27th St, Austin, TX 78705 28

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