Marilyn N Fredrickson

Boulder, Colorado
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Ms. Fredrickson is 74 years old and their birthday is 1949-10-17. It is expected that Bruce Russell Fredrickson (age: 80 year old) is the spouse of Marilyn Fredrickson. Other names that this individual goes by include Marilyn Falls, Marilyn L Fredrickson, M Fredrickson, Marilyn L Falls, Marilyn Frederickson, M Fredickson, Marilyn Fredickson, Marilyn Nmi Fredrickson.


Marilyn is a resident of the dwelling at 4803 Briar Ridge Ct, Boulder, CO 80301, USA. The house at this address is owned by Marilyn Fredrickson. The latitude and longitude 40.062395 and -105.1816883 give the location of the address. The UTM coordinates that will lead you to the address are: 484505.26187118 (easting), 4434698.3030528 (northing), 13T (zone). This individual lives in the Gunbarrel area. Based on fair rent data from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, it will cost $1,880 to rent a two bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. Boulder is the home of this person. The price for two bedroom rentals in Boulder is currently set at $1,724.


This individual has a set of 6 phone numbers, and 303-3227-889 and 1-303-581-07-78 are two of them. Some data about 303-3227-889. The type of this phone number is Landline. This phone number is serviced by Qwest Corporation telecommunication company. The rate center associated with this phone number is in Denver. The phone's provider can be identified using the OSN code 9636. The preferred international standard for this phone number is +1 (303) 581-0778. For any communication with Ms. Fredrickson, use [email protected] or [email protected].

Previous Locations

Ms. Fredrickson has moved around quite a bit, with eight previous addresses. This person's previous addresses include: 2010 Austin Bluffs Ct, Toledo, OH 43615, 3355 W Laskey Rd #14, Toledo and 1215 Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80220.

Possible Connections

The address is shared by multiple dwellers, including Dianne Beatie, John M Beatie, John Beattie. The public record suggests that this individual and Bruce Russell Fredrickson from Boulder are connected. There are indications that the +1 (303) 322-7889 number may be registered to Marilyn Falls, according to public information. Public records indicate that five phone numbers are associated with 12 individuals, with Bruce Russell Fredrickson from Boulder and Mr. Fredrickson among them. Check below for further details on other numbers that may be related to Marilyn. Along with this individual, Natalie Jean love Winters (in 2008) and John P Ceriello (between 2001 and 2008) shared a residence at 100 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11231. The Marilyn N Fredrickson namesakes live in Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota.

Previous Addresses 8

2010 Austin Bluffs Ct, Toledo, OH 43615

Lived here at 2018 2 years 2 months

3355 W Laskey Rd #14, Toledo, OH 43623

Lived here at 2012 2 years 2 months

1215 Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80220

Lived here at 2005 2 years 2 months

100 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Lived from 2001 to 2012 2 years 2 months

2001 The Bluffs, Toledo, OH 43615

Lived from 2000 to 2016 2 years 2 months

29760 Waterbury Cir, Perrysburg, OH 43551

Lived from 1994 to 2009 2 years 2 months

89 Dean St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lived from 1986 to 2004 2 years 2 months

90 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lived from 1982 to 1993 2 years 2 months

Phones 6

+1 (303) 322-7889
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 581-0778
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 664-1374
  • Mobile operator Qwest Corp.
  • Type Landline
+1 (303) 919-4618
  • Mobile operator Cellco Partnership
  • Type Cell
+1 (347) 721-1080
  • Mobile operator Broadwing Communications, LLC
  • Type Landline
+1 (419) 666-3664
  • Mobile operator Ameritech Ohio
  • Type Landline


  • Bruce Russell Fredrickson
    80 years, 4803 Briar Ridge Ct, Boulder, CO 80301


  • Marilyn Falls
  • Marilyn L Fredrickson
  • M Fredrickson
  • Marilyn L Falls
  • Marilyn Frederickson
  • M Fredickson
  • Marilyn Fredickson
  • Marilyn Nmi Fredrickson


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