Frequently Asked Questions

Bausch and Lomb has been the most trusted, well known, and widely sold maker of contact lens products ever since contacts were invented. Soflens is Bausch and Lomb’s brand of daily disposable lenses, available via delivery from SimpleContacts at the schedule and pacing you choose.

Benefits of Soflens

Now that disposable contact lenses have become commonplace, customers know the problems that accompany them. We overwear our lenses because we are busy people, too busy to go to the optometrist to get new ones, and we want to save money. We then get red or itchy eyes, and risk more serious problems. Lenses become blurry or dry, giving us haloes instead of crisp clear vision.
Bausch and Lomb has expertly designed the Soflens line of contacts to address these issues. Soflens contact lenses are extra comfortable because they are extra thin and stay moist throughout the day: they are designed with slow-release moisture, so your eyes stay lubricated and comfortable even after long hours of wear. High definition optics in the design means your vision is clear and crisp even at night. Daily disposables don’t need to be cleaned or stored, thus saving time and preserving your eyes from overwear.

Types of Soflens Contacts We Carry:

Soflens daily lenses are available for astigmatism, as well as for regular near- and farsightedness; they are also available in a multifocal line, to enable wearers to read close up as well as see at a distance.
Toric lenses (for astigmatism) are more expensive than regular ones, but are increasingly commonly available. Since wearers with astigmatism have a special need for evenly spaced clarity from their contact lens, Soflens could be a great brand for you.
SimpleContacts offers a range of Soflens contact lenses with pricing and delivery schedules that can suit your lifestyle.