Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons


  • Monthly lenses are popular because they’re affordable and can be worn for long periods of time. durability.
  • Manufacturers have engineered these lenses to allow more air to pass through the material so that you can wear them longer and with more comfort.
  • They’re easy to maintain in the long run, if you have a steady schedule.
  • Some monthly lenses can also be worn overnight without any associated risk.


  • Compared to a daily contact lens, monthly lenses require a bit more maintenance.
  • If the lens is not cleaned and maintained, you may be at a higher risk for an eye infection or chronic irritation.
No matter which type of contact lenses you choose, any symptoms of discomfort should be immediately communicated to a doctor.
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Can You Sleep in Monthly Contact Lenses?

Depending on the contact lens material, you can sleep with monthly disposable contact lenses. Most brands recommend you remove them at least one night a week to let your eyes rest. What this means is you can pop in monthly disposable contacts on Monday and not have to think about them again until the weekend.

How Do You Know if Monthly Contacts Are Right For You?

Wearing monthly contacts in certain life situations and jobs makes sense. For example, if you need to wake up every few hours to take care of family members, having a clear vision right when you awake makes the tasks easier and safer. If your job requires you to work 24-hour shifts and you take short naps throughout the shift, wearing these types of lenses allows you to rest and work without having to continually remove the lens for sleep or keep track of glasses.
Individuals who suffer from allergies can also benefit from monthly lenses. If your eyes become red or itchy from pollen or other allergens, wearing contacts can add to the irritation, but because of the extra oxygen penetrating the monthly type, the contacts may be comfortable.
Because of the lens material and construction used in creating monthly contact lenses, they tend to last longer than other types of disposable styles. If you tend to tear daily or weekly lenses, the monthly ones may be more suitable for you and save you money in the long run.
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Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Only you and your eye doctor can truly answer that question, though these lenses are useful to many, many people. Daily disposable contact lenses are low cost, not to mention you won't have to buy lens cleaner since you'll be using a new pair of them every day.
Daily lenses have little to no upkeep required, making them convenient for you, and the safest and cleanest lens option for your eyes. They're also nice when you only need them for certain activities. Wear them while driving or exercising, then take them out and throw them away. It’s that easy!
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