Questions and Answers
Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are daily disposable lenses which are manufactured by Bausch + Lomb. Biotrue One Day Contact Lenses are specifically designed to hold moisture for up to 16 hours. They contain 78% water, which is the same water content as the human eye.
Who should choose Biotrue contacts?
Biotrue One Day Contact lenses also offer lenses for Presbyopia and Astigmatism.
The Biotrue presbyopia lenses are great for older patients and those with poor vision in all distances. These lenses are great for using digital devices when driving and a flawless transition for each distance.
The Biotrue astigmatism lenses work naturally with the curvature of the eye and help to reduce halos and glare. They are also designed to work with natural blink patterns. All types of Biotrue ONEday contact lenses have High Definition Optics, which help you to have clear vision even in low light.
What are Biotrue contact lenses made of?
Biotrue contact lenses are made from a new material inspired by biotechnology called 'HyperGel.' This gel offers breathability for healthy eyes and provides UV protection from the sun. HyperGel also contains the same amount of water as the cornea, which is 78%. The lens is designed to imitate the lipid layer of tear film to prevent dehydration and maintain optimal vision.
Can you sleep in Biotrue contact lenses?
Even though Biotrue contact lenses hold more moisture than other brands and can be worn for up to 16 hours, we do not recommend to sleep with them in. Sleeping while wearing these contacts would result in the top layer of the cornea breaking down, which could result in an infection, possibly scarring the cornea and even leading to permanent vision loss. Sleeping with contacts makes you ten times more likely to develop this infection.
Taking contacts out before bed also helps to air out your corneas. The corneas need to be aired out because they do not have any blood vessels. Instead, the cornea gets oxygen through the air. Disposable contacts are not to be reused because they can tear or break apart. This will lead to damage to the cornea and possibly an infection. We only recommend using the contact lenses following the package's instruction.
We recommend talking to your eye doctor if you have concerns about your eye health and contact use. Your eye doctor can also schedule you for an eye exam if you’re due for one, and let you know if Biotrue contact lenses are right for you.