Questions and Answers
You depend on your eyes, so they deserve the best care you can give them. That’s why Simple Contacts only works with trusted name brands like Air Optix by Alcon that won’t only help you see like you should, but will also give you the comfort you deserve.
Air Optix contact lenses are known for being supremely comfortable because they are very breathable and also help keep the eyes moist throughout the day. You only get one set of eyes, so take care of the ones you have!
What varieties of Air Optix does Simple Contacts carry?
Air Optix is a great choice for anyone who wants a breathable, comfortable contact. We carry a wide variety of Air Optix contacts, including:
  • Air Optix Aqua
  • Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism
  • Air Optix Multifocal
  • Air Optix Colors
  • Air Optix Night and Day
  • Air Optix Hydraglyde
What colors are available for Air Optix Colors?
Perfect for changing or enhancing your own natural eye color, Air Optix Colors is great for transforming your look. They come in a variety of colors:
  • Grey
  • Sterling Grey
  • Blue
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Green
  • Gemstone Green
  • Pure Hazel
  • Turquoise
  • Honey
  • True Sapphire
  • Amethyst
  • Brown
How long can Air Optix contacts be worn?
Air Optix is a monthly wear contact. It can be worn for up to thirty days before needing to be replaced with a fresh set. When not wearing your Air Optix lenses, they should be stored only in a clean, sealed contact lens case filled with contact lens solution.
Replace your contact lens case periodically to avoid any bacteria getting on your contacts. To prevent injury to your eyes, you should never wear the contacts longer than thirty days. Do not over wear contacts to avoid conditions such as corneal ulcers or, in extreme cases, loss of vision.
Can you sleep in Air Optix brand contact lenses?
Only your eye care provider can determine whether or not you should sleep in your contact lenses. Every brand of contacts is different on its makeup and intended use, and Air Optix contacts are no different. Air Optix Night and Day are approved for extended wear, and can be slept in for thirty consecutive nights. That being said, all other Air Optix contacts are generally considered safe for occasional sleep: up to six nights on a 30 day contact.
It is important to note that even if you are approved to sleep in your contact lenses, pay attention to your eyes. If at any time your eyes feel pain, discomfort, or dryness, remove the contacts right away and consult your eye care provider.