Frequently Asked Questions

Biofinity contacts are made from a proprietary hydrogel silicone material. Because of this material, you are able to wear Biofinity contact lenses for six nights and seven days without changing lenses.
Biofinity contact lenses are made with Aquaform technology for high performing, extremely comfortable lenses that help your eyes retain moisture and breathe as they naturally would.

Biofinity contact lenses we offer

SimpleContacts offers a wide variety of products from Biofinity, including:
  • Biofinity Toric - Biofinity Toric lenses were specifically designed for individuals with astigmatism. These lenses reduce the movement of the lens when blinking and has a smoother design that allows for maximum comfort.
  • Biofinity Multifocal - Biofinity Multifocal lenses are intended for individuals over 45 who are unable to focus on items up close in situations with little light. Biofinity Multifocal lenses are able to aid in seeing far and near objects.
  • Biofinity (classic) - these lenses are intended for individuals who are nearsighted or farsighted. They allow for maximum comfort and you can wear them for up to seven days!
  • Biofinity Energys - Biofinity Energys were designed to help the eyes adapt when shifting from digital technology to other activities. This lens includes digital zone optics in order to help you see more clearly and transition from digital devices to off screen and then back to digital devices effortlessly.
  • Biofinity XR Toric - Biofinity XR Toric lenses are designed for individuals with astigmatism and an extreme prescription. These lenses have all of the qualities of Biofinity Toric lenses and are optimized for extreme prescriptions of nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • Biofinity XR (six pack) - Biofinity XR lenses are made for individuals that have extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness. Biofinity XR lenses were created specifically for extreme prescriptions.

How Long Can You Wear Biofinity Contact Lenses For?

Biofinity contact lenses are comfortable lenses that are able to be worn for six nights and seven days in a row. Whether you're away or very busy with work, you won't have to deal with the hassle of sanitizing and removing lenses on a nightly basis. Because Biofinity lenses are monthly lenses, it’s easy to remember replacing the old pair of Biofinity contact lenses every 30 days. Because Biofinity lenses feature Aquaform Technology, only available through Coopervision, you’ll experience comfortable, high-performance lenses that allow your eyes to breathe and stay moist naturally.

Can Biofinity lenses be worn while sleeping?

As you are probably aware, sleeping in contact lenses is not recommended unless your optometrist has specifically prescribed lenses that are designed to be slept in. According to the company that manufactures Biofinity, Cooper Vision, Biofinity lenses have been approved for six nights and seven days of wear -- making them very easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.
Biofinity contacts should be replaced on a schedule even if they fit comfortably. This is because of the proteins that accumulate on contact lenses over time. The buildup of proteins can lead to inflammation that is often not noticed until the inflammation becomes severe.
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