A Complete Guide to Weekly Contact Lenses

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In this guide, we will address the most common questions we get about weekly disposable contact lenses.

There are three main types of contact lenses: daily, weekly, and monthly disposable. This guide will be all about weekly contact lenses. By the end of this guide, you will know:

  1. The difference between weekly, daily, and monthly contact lenses.
  2. How to clean weekly contacts
  3. How to wear weekly contacts safely
  4. How much weekly contacts can cost per year
  5. The best brands of weekly contact lenses to try
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Can You Get Weekly Contact Lenses?

Before going through the practical details, we want to confirm that weekly disposable contact lenses are an option for you.

The short answer is yes.  Weekly lenses are the most commonly prescribed lenses because they strike a balance between daily and monthly lenses.  But, as a consumer of any health-related product, you should check with your eye doctor to make sure weekly lenses do fit your particular situation.

It should be noted that some weekly lenses have the “daily wear” designation.  This ought not be confused with “daily disposable.”  To be “daily wear” merely means that the lens should be removed in the evening and cleaned before going to bed. 

This is contrasted against “extended wear” lenses which can sometimes be worn in your sleep.  Once again, check with your eye doctor to see if extended wear lenses are an option for you.

Are Weekly Contact Lenses Safe?

A healthy eye is a happy eye.  When it comes to contacts, health and comfort tend to go together.  Factors such as a lens’ water retention, resistance to buildup, prevention of rubbing, and absence of contaminants can often be felt in wear but also affect your eye long term.

Weekly disposable lenses utilize cleaning solutions to preserve contact integrity.  Your cleaning ritual every night will remove some of particles that have gathered on the lens.  It will try and clean off the protein and lipids layer which can create a haze on the lens.

Unfortunately, this cleaning process, even when done well, is not 100% effective.  Lenses do gradually wear out.  This is part of the draw of daily contact lenses, guaranteeing a smooth and sanitized lens every morning.

Weekly disposables are an improvement over monthly disposables.  If your lens happens to come in contact with contaminated water around the sink, you won’t accidentally expose your eye to bacteria for a whole month.

Are Weekly Contact Lenses the Most Convenient?

Weekly lenses, like monthly lenses, need to go through a rigorous cleaning process every night.  Any user will want to be familiar with the procedures to properly care for contacts.  Make sure to bring your cleaning solution and contact storage case with you on trips. The side effects of overwearing cannot be emphasized enough. 

Weekly lenses can give you that fresh contact feel more frequently than a monthly lens, but they require more attention to your rotation schedule.

In short, consumers who prize convenience would tend to choose daily disposable contacts because there is no rotation or evening cleaning required.

What Is the Cost of Weekly Contacts?

Weekly lenses strike it in the middle between dailies and monthlies when it comes to pricing.  That becomes easy to see when you think about the number of contacts you use on an annual basis.

Monthly: 24 lenses

Bi-Weekly: 52 lenses

Daily: 730 lenses

While they have a hard time competing with daily lenses in other areas, weekly lenses do tend be less expensive overall. 

Compared to monthly lenses, you are buying more weekly lenses per year.  However, weekly lenses tend to be less expensive per lens, so consumers need to go brand by brand when comparing the costs of weekly vs. monthly.

To give some context, Acuvue Oasys Hydraclear are a 1-2 week lens.  These go for as low as $67 on our website for 12 lenses.  That comes out to an annual cost of between $262 and $536 depending on your personal usage habits.  You can expect cleaning solution, if used daily, to be an another $150 to $200 annually.

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What Are the Best Weekly Contact Lenses?

Having gone through the pros and cons of weekly disposable lenses, what are our next steps?  If you think these might be the right choice for you, you will want to get your prescription updated.  Here’s a quick rundown of how to change your brand of contacts

As you make the switch, we have compiled an extended collection of weekly contacts for you to consider.  Below are our top 5 recommendations: