Rebates: A Thing of the Past

Simple Contacts

Ah, rebates. They promise a lot when you’re looking at the price tag of a product deciding whether you should buy, but they are actually just an old school sales tactic meant to incentivize customers to buy pricier products.

Rebates sound like a good idea, but how many times have you forgotten to fill out and mail in a rebate after a purchase, meaning, you just paid full price at the end of the day? Many, many rebates go unclaimed every year ($500 million worth, to be exact). Good for the manufacturer. Bad for the customer.

Traditionally, the contact lens industry has relied heavily on rebates. And hey, we even offered them for a little while, but this year we decided there was a better way to provide savings to our customers and make their lives easier.

Let’s break it down:

The traditional way of buying contacts (aka offering savings via mail-in rebates)
Expectation: Easily get the best price on contact lenses
Reality: Pay full price upfront, receive your order, remember to cut out and mail in the UPCs, wait 4-6 weeks for your rebate check, cash the check

The Simple Contacts way of buying contacts (aka instant savings without rebates)
Expectation: Easily get the best price on contact lenses
Reality: Easily get the best price on contact lenses

How is our way possible? Simple–we offer on-the-spot buy more, save more pricing on every brand of contact lenses. The more boxes you drop in your cart, the more you’ll save on each box. You pay exactly what you see on the site–the best price (we even offer price matching)–and never have to worry about following up with the hassle of rebates after your purchase.