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Simple Contacts
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Like saving time and money? We do. That’s why we built Simple Contacts—an app that makes buying contacts & renewing your annual prescription super, well, simple.

Here’s how Simple Contacts will change the way you buy contacts forever:

  1. Turn 4 hours at the doctor’s office into 4 minutes on your phone
    No more wasted time in waiting rooms and travel. This simple test lets you renew your contact lens prescription online in just minutes.

  2. Renew your prescription & reorder anytime, anywhere (really!)
    On your couch? Yep. At the airport? You bet! In your office? We won’t tell. Renew your prescription and order more contacts from wherever you are, whenever you need to.

  3. Stop overpaying for your contact lenses & start saving
    Not only is the prescription just $20, but Simple Contacts sells all brands of lenses for unbeatable prices - find yours and see for yourself.

  4. Get your lenses delivered to your door, for free
    Anyone who charges for shipping or makes you pick up your contacts in person isn’t your friend. We’ll deliver your lenses quickly and for free.

Try it yourself and start thinking about what you’re going to do with all the time and money you just saved.

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