Coming Soon: A Better Way to Get Birth Control

Simple Contacts

Two years ago, feeling that healthcare is too often confusing, expensive and inconvenient, we started Simple Contacts–an app that lets you renew your contact lens prescription remotely. Met with an overwhelmingly positive response, we knew people were thrilled about the ability to manage their healthcare from home, on their own schedule.

Taking a step back, the core of what we believe is this: everyone should have access to quick, convenient and affordable care, wherever and whenever they need it. Like anything in life, you have to start somewhere, so we started with contact lenses, but we’re committed to applying this philosophy to as many areas of care as possible.

What’s next? We’re thrilled to be launching an online birth control prescription and delivery service.

Why? It’s something millions of women rely on, yet birth control continues to be difficult and expensive to get, and that trend is only getting worse. We believe every woman should be empowered to easily manage her own care but today, that’s anything but simple:

  • In the US, more than 20 million women in need lack reasonable access to birth control because they don’t have physical access to providers
  • As of 2016, more than 10 million women ages 19-64 (roughly 1 in 10) had no health insurance, which makes paying for care cost prohibitive
  • In one study, 25% of women reported that they have tried to save money by using their birth control method inconsistently and 56% of those with jobs worried about having to take time off from work to visit a doctor or clinic

We want to help change these statistics. Through telemedicine, we can close the gap between doctors and patients and help women across the country take control of their care–on their own time, regardless of where they live.

So, if you're interested in starting birth control for the first time or would like a more convenient and affordable way to get your current birth control, sign up to get notified as soon as we launch this fall. Know someone else who might be interested? Please forward this message along. By helping us grow and spread the word, you’ll help us help more women. Period.