Does Your Child Need Glasses?

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Identifying the needs of children isn’t always easy (let's be honest–it’s rarely easy). It can be hard enough to figure out if they’re tired or hungry, let alone if they can see well. That’s why we’ve laid out a few tell tale signs that may mean your child needs glasses:

  • If you notice your child sitting too close to the TV or holding devices too close to their face, it may be because they have myopia, or nearsightedness, and cannot see well at a normal distance.
  • Children will often cover an eye or tilt their head in an effort to improve vision. It’s even possible that they have amblyopia, or lazy eye–a common eye condition in children.
  • If your child is frequently squinting it could mean they’re having difficulty focusing on objects and seeing clearly.
  • A child that rubs their eyes or complains of headaches or eye pain may be straining their eyes in an attempt to see better during the course of the day.
  • Having trouble with schoolwork can also be a sign that your child isn’t seeing well, as their vision issues may cause them to fall behind in class.

If you notice your child displaying any of these symptoms, there’s a chance they are experiencing vision issues. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible.