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The average American sits in the waiting room at a doctor’s office for more than 18 minutes each visit. Add that to the time it takes to schedule an appointment, get to the office, and meet with a doctor, and the entire process becomes quite time-consuming.

If you only need to renew a prescription, all of that effort can feel like a real waste of time.

Those who don’t have time to get a new prescription — especially for contact lenses or birth control — aren’t alone. One in 5 patients switches doctors because of long wait times. Scheduling appointments is often a barrier to health care services for busy young parents and working women.

Helping people live better lives while not wasting time on prescription renewals was the inspiration behind Simple Health. The company gives busy people an alternative to sitting in a waiting room just to renew a prescription for their regular contact lenses, birth control, and other prescription medicines.

Bharat Ayyar, General Manager at Simple Contacts, said the company saves people both time and money.

“We can reduce physical barriers to health care, which can mean not having to go to a doctor’s office. It’s also more affordable,” said Bharat Ayyar, General Manager at Simple Contacts, a subsidiary of Simple Health. “Cost can be a significant barrier to access for people who don’t have health insurance. So we started with contact lenses and branched out to birth control — and soon it will be other things.”

Simple Health can eliminate time commitments and prescription renewal hassles by automating the process and having items shipped directly to a customer’s door. That process also cuts out the expenses for unnecessary medical visits, which can add up to plenty of savings each year.

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