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Simple Contacts

Wondering what real people actually think of Simple Contacts? Look no further:

"So convenient! I have been wearing the same Rx for over 20 years and just find it unnecessary to visit an optometrist every year to find the same results. Working with Simple Contacts was so easy I would recommend to anyone."
- Lisa S. in TX

"Love the offering, the price, and the customer service. $20 to do an online eye exam FROM HOME beats the pants off putting your pants on and going to the doctor."
- Mike P. in NY

"So happy I don't have to pay $100 every year for a contact lens exam. This price is way more reasonable and I love that I can do everything online. No more scheduling an appointment and having to take off work to visit the eye doctor just so I can order more contact lens."
- Candice W. in CA

"I am a busy stay at home mom of 4 kids and I seriously rarely have time to go to the grocery store much less get an eye exam! This was so easy. I am amazed!"
- Sunni S. in TN

"I work in health care and I know care can be, well, not simple. But you did it, you made health care simple. I'm super busy so getting to the eye doctor is a pain. I never left my house, did my exam, reordered contacts, amazing. This is the future...I'm telling everyone I know!!!"
- Christine P. in IL

As seen in:

Business Insider: "These two entrepreneurs came up with a way for you to get new prescription contact lenses without ever having to leave your house."

CNN: "As with so many startup origin stories, Simple Contacts’ was conceived because one of its founders was annoyed..."

Alley Watch: "Renewing any type of prescription is never fun, especially an expensive, annual lens prescription, but Simple Contacts is changing that through its technology that allows clients to renew their lens prescription on a smartphone or computer."

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