Contact Lens Review: Dailies Total 1

Simple Contacts

Brand: Dailies Total 1

Type: Daily disposable lenses

Patient review:
“I started wearing daily contacts after years of wearing monthly lenses because my doctor recommended them—I’m told they’re a bit better for your eyes (because you’re less likely to wear them for too long) and definitely more convenient. I love being able to just grab a handful to pack when I’m lens case or contact solution needed! They’re really comfortable in my eyes and never dry out during the day, even when I wear them for 16+ hours! My eyes feel just as fresh at night when I take them out as they do when I put them in in the morning. They do cost more than the monthly contacts I had been wearing, but they’re so worth it!”
- Ashley J. in MA

Cost of a yearly supply (24 - 30 packs):
Simple Contacts: $791.76
1-800 Contacts: $877.00
Doctor's office: $984 (+120 mail-in rebate)

Cost of a yearly supply (8 - 90 packs):
Simple Contacts: $639.92
1-800 Contacts: $799.92 (+ $90 mail-in rebate)
Doctor’s office: $804 (+ $120 mail-in rebate)

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