Contact Lens Review: Biofinity

Simple Contacts

Brand: Biofinity

Type: Monthly Disposable Lenses

Patient Review:
I started wearing these contacts when I was 17 and never looked back. They are extremely comfortable (I never feel them in my eyes) and the price is really great (I usually pay less than $40 a box). Every once in a while when I’ve worn one too long it rips or tears in my eye, but they definitely stay in good shape well past the one month mark and don’t dry out quickly. I’ve had a lot of friends switch to daily contacts because they are supposed to be more comfortable, but I have no interest in changing brands because these have worked great for me...if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
- Catherine P. in KY

Cost of a yearly supply:
Simple Contacts: $147.96
1-800 Contacts: $175.96 (+$25 mail-in rebate)
Doctor’s office: $205 (+$30 mail-in rebate)

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