5 Reasons to Choose Biofinity Lenses

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Options abound when it comes to contact lenses.  Without actually putting each lens in your eye, it can be hard to know which brand to go with, especially if you are new to wearing contacts.

Find here five focused reasons to consider Biofinity as your source of vision correcting contact lenses:

  1. Monthly Disposable: These lenses have the durability to last an entire month which comes with significant cost savings.
  2. Extended Wear: One of the most desirable conveniences when it comes to contacts, Biofinity lenses can be worn in your sleep.
  3. Silicone Hydrogel Material: A modern lens plastic which enables oxygen flow essential for eye health.
  4. Aquaform Technology: A Biofinity specific technique allowing optimal wettability, shape, and modulus.
  5. Easy to Buy: A self-explanatory and essential convenience of the digital age.

Before diving into a full explanation of these highlights, let’s first make sure that Biofinity is the right type of lens for your vision needs.

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Who Are These For?

Biofinity lenses are clear contacts intended for those needing correction for either near or farsightedness.

If your eye doctor has given you a prescription for either of these vision needs, then Biofinity could be your solution.  If you are not sure if your prescription applies to contacts or not, this article about the difference between eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions can clear that up.

Manufactured by CooperVision back in 2007, Biofinity is an FDA approved set of lenses.  It applies to a wide range of prescriptions, -12.00 D to +8.00 D, making them a popular choice for many contact wearers today. 

If you want to get technical, Biofinity is an aspherical, soft silicone hydrogel contact lens disposable monthly.  Manufactured with the unique Aquaform technology, the manufacturer specializes Biofinity lenses to stay moist and so in turn keep your eye moist.

But what do that all mean for you?  We'll go through a quick rundown of the 5 reasons to consider Biofinity contact lenses.

1.    Monthly Disposable

Different contact lenses are worn for varying periods of time.  More specifically, there are three categories of lens disposability: daily, weekly, and monthly. Biofinity is a monthly disposable lens. 

Some lenses should be disposed at the end of the day they are worn.  Others only last a week or two.  Some are built with enough durability to last a month without risk of damage to your eye.

Being monthly disposable lenses, you can use the same Biofinity lenses every day for 30 days straight.  This durability often makes such lenses very cost effective.  Daily wear lenses, on average, cost twice as much.

It is worth noting though that any lens worn for more than a day needs proper care.  Fortunately, you’re not the first person to own contacts.  There are easy resources for proper cleaning and care which can help you with Biofinity lenses.

2.    Extended Wear

Many find it a hassle to remove their contact lenses every single night.  With most contact lenses, you risk irritation or damage to your eye by neglecting to take them out before sleeping.

Biofinity has the “extended wear” designation.  Extended wear means that the contacts can be worn through the day and night. 

This doesn’t mean that you can wear Biofinity for an entire month straight.  The recommended length of wear will vary some from person to person.  Most wearers can go up to seven days without needing to take a break from them.

For those who don’t want to add another thing to their nightly ritual, extended wear offers a nice convenience.  One of the typical downsides of monthly disposable contacts is the nightly care.  Biofinity's extended wear you only need to worry about your contacts a few times a month. 

3.    Silicone Hydrogel Material

In the past, contact wearers faced a problem which had never come up for glasses wearers.  To stay healthy, the eye needs oxygen.

That’s right.  Common sense would suggest that air just dries out our eyes.  Science has learned otherwise.  Our eyes do their own breathing.  While the rest of our body relies on blood to carry oxygen, the cornea of our eye draws oxygen, through our tears, directly from the air.

Older materials of contact lenses have struggled to maintain this aspect of eye health.  Just like we don’t want to stop airflow to our lungs, we also shouldn’t suffocate our eyes.

Silicone hydrogel is a material which is oxygen permeable.  It allows as much as five times as much oxygen to reach the eye as a simple hydrogel lens (an older material used for contact lenses). 

Just like the eye needs to be moistened by our tear ducts to absorb oxygen, silicone hydrogel needs to be moist to allow proper oxygen flow.  That’s why we soak such lenses in contact solution. When well cared for, this material allows for a maximum of both comfort and health for your eye.

Due to the effectiveness of the material, silicone hydrogel lenses, like Biofinity, have accounted for the majority of lenses preferred by contact wearers in recent years.

4.    Aquaform Technology

While various lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, Aquaform Technology is a specific development of CooperVision. 

When compared with similar silicone hydrogel lenses, Biofinity ranks higher for both water content (48%) and oxygen permeability (160 Dk/t). 

The Dk/t value of a lens is the standard measurement of oxygen transmissibility.  Materials have a Dk value which indicates how easily oxygen can pass through them.  “t” stands for thickness.  By considering the two values together, you can know how effective a particular lens will be at allowing oxygen flow.

Aquaform technology allows Biofinity to achieve its impressive specs.  There are three aspects of this design which contribute to its success: natural wettability, lens shape, and low modulus.

Natural Wettability:

Many other lenses rely on artificial coats or wetting agents in order to maintain the proper surface moisture.  Aquaform technology makes these accessories unnecessary.  The molecular structure of the lens enables uniform wettability. 

By keeping moist, the lens allows for continuous oxygen flow.  This prevents the enlarging of blood vessels in the eye in order to compensate for low oxygen flow.  Red eyes are something most of us would not consider to be a good look.

Lens Shape:

Aside from what the lens is made of, the manufacturing technique produces a round edge shape.  This shape minimizes conjunctival interaction.  In layman’s terms, the shape of Biofinity lenses prevents the plastic, however moist it may be, from rubbing against the eye durring its constant movement throughout the course of a day.

Low Modulus:

Modulus measures a lens’ flexibility.  Eyes are fragile and flexible organs.  The more rigid a lens, the less comfortable it will be.  Between its shape and material, Biofinity is able to maintain a notably low modulus to further enhance comfort for its wearers.

5.    Easy to Buy

In the digital age, the greatest convenience of all is ease of purchase.  You can’t just pick up lenses like you pick up your eggs at the supermarket.  As a matter of fact, you don’t want to.  Our eyes are too important to take lightly.

You could go the traditional route and buy your lenses through a doctor’s office.  Many doctors recommend these lenses.  Yet, this tends to be the more expensive option and requires all the hassle of scheduling, attending, and paying for an appointment.

Fortunately, there are more convenient ways to acquire Biofinity lenses and still ensure you are getting the right fit for your life and look.

Simple Contacts offers an array of contact lenses at rates 10-25% lower than other retailers.  Biofinity is no exception (check our offer).  You can subscribe to make additional savings or just buy a one-off box.  Shipping is always free.

All of the major insurance companies will reimburse lenses bought from Simple Contacts.  We have guides to help you with your particular insurance company. 

What about renewing your prescription?

Simple Contacts has a team of doctors ready to help you renew your expiring prescription without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. 

Compared to your normal $100+ doctor’s visit, Simple Contact’s online eye exam only costs $20. 

The test only takes 5 minutes.  Within 24 hours, one of our qualified doctors will review your test to make sure your prescribed contacts are still right for you.  With your prescription renewed, we can then send your lenses right to your doorstep.

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Bottom Line & Pricing

Biofinity is not just a piece of plastic that lets you see.  It is an investment in your vision, your eye health, and your quality of daily life.

As you make your list of the main perks of Biofinity, I encourage you to make sure to include these specs:

  • Convenience of extended wear for up to 7 days
  • Comfort & health of modern lens material
  • Additional edge of Biofinity specific Aquaform technology
  • Ease of purchase
  • Cost efficiency as monthly wear lenses

To that last point, Biofinity lenses can run for as much as $50 for a box.  We have something a step better.  This competitive price of $40.50 for a box of six lenses with free shipping does not even require the hassle of rebates.

With six lenses coming in a pack, this purchase covers three months of lens wear.  For those who think in annual budgets, that comes to $162 for an entire year of constant wear.

Compared to some daily contact lenses which can cost $900 for a year, many have considered Biofinity to be an excellent balance of price, quality, and comfort.

Biofinity Contact Lenses: $40.50/box of 6 lenses.

A Better Way To Get Contacts

Renew a prescription from anywhere, and get your brand delivered on your schedule.