10 Struggles Only Contact Lens Wearers Can Understand

Simple Contacts

Most of the time contacts feel like a little miracle for your eyes, but sometimes the struggle can be all too real. We’ve rounded up the top 10 struggles only contact lens wearers can relate to:

  1. You’re just casually rubbing your eye and then BAM!—your contact rolls back under your eyelid, rips, or just plain falls out. What’s worse than not being able to see? Only being able to see with one eye.

  2. When you have to choose between paying rent or buying an annual supply of contacts.

  3. When you’re putting in your contacts and there’s a man down. You desperately search for it in the sink and on the floor, and then five squinty minutes later you finally find it stuck to the side of the toilet.

  4. When you fall asleep with your contacts in and wake up feeling like they’re suction cupped to your eyes.

  5. Spontaneously sleeping away from home? Nope. Have fun choosing between being blind or sleeping in your contacts…

  6. When you wear your contacts for wayyyy longer than you’re supposed to because you don’t have time to get a new prescription. Is that a small tear on the lens? NBD—just keep swimming.

  7. Put in your contact upside-down? Big mistake. Your eye says OH HELL NO in an immediate explosion of tears and pain.

  8. When you open up the contact box and there’s only one pair left... (Odds are this will happen when you’re packing for a 10 day trip.)

  9. All the cool kids are opening their eyes underwater for that ultimate instagram shot. That’s not a photo you’ll be tagged in.

  10. Oh, you’d like a glasses prescription AND a contact lens prescription? That’ll be another $150 please.

We can’t make all these contact struggles less painful, but we can make it easier than ever to renew your prescription and get contacts delivered to your door. Try the Simple Contacts app to renew in 5 minutes for just $20, from anywhere (even your couch)—so you never have to struggle through wearing a half torn lens again.

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